Retrenchment is an everyday occurrence, especially in today`s current economic climate. It’s not something that only happens to people you know – NO – it can happen to you too. Have you ever sat down and thought what would happen to you or your family should you lose your JOB or income? Do you have a plan “B” in action? And how will you overcome something like that? For years now, people have started to realize there is no such thing as “job security” anymore. Company downsizing, acquisitions, and retrenchment seem to be commonplace. People continue to wonder if there is an end in sight. On the upside of this, it’s good to know what to do in the event it should happen to you. Here are the top tips:

Have a financial nest egg

There are so many people that don’t think about having money set aside in case they are part of a company layoff. This is one of the most important tips for surviving a layoff. You will need money to purchase the basics such as food, gas for your vehicle and paying bills. The ancient rule is to have at least three to six months worth of funds available in the event of something like this.

Better yet, try saving at least a year’s worth of funds there is also financial institution such as money lender in Singapore that can also be of great assistance a time like this.You will need to reorganize your finances. Make a list of the things that you need and the things that you can do without. Let your family know that there will be sacrifices everyone will have to make. Ensure them that everything will be okay.

Stay Positive

As you know this is easier said than done. However, your family needs to know everything is going to be okay. If you worry, they are going to worry which creates a lot of negative energy. This is the time when you will need to become focused. Now that the first reaction of shock is over and reality has set it, it is time to think clearly about what to do next. Remember that your time is yours now so take a week or two to look at your situation. Look at where you were before, where you were heading and where you would like to see your self. Be bold and think outside of the box you will be surprised at what you come up with.

Severance pay

Back in the day when people were being laid off, it was almost certain that they would get a severance package if they had worked for the company for a significant amount of time. The amount of pay would depend on how long they worked at the company. If your employer doesn’t mention it, ask them about it. Being able to get severance pay from your employer would ease the financial strain of surviving a layoff.

Look for employment

Unless you have a nice nest egg stashed, you must pound the pavement to look for another job. Attend job fairs and the unemployment office to get leads. It’s not an easy task, but you have to persevere and keep going. It’s important to be optimistic and hopeful even though it seems like it’s bleak. Surviving a layoff emotionally can boost your spirits and eventually, you will find employment elsewhere. When you get laid off from your job, your health insurance goes with it.

Go to the unemployment office

This is a step that you need to do as soon as possible and to get it out of the way. This will provide that extra income you may during tough times. Make sure your company has provided you with all the necessary paperwork, such as layoff notice/separation notice. Even if you don’t get severance pay, you will at least need to file for unemployment benefits.

This can help to tide you over while you look for another job. You will have some finances coming in. The sooner you file for unemployment benefits, the sooner you will start getting them. The amount of money that you would get is based on your previous salary. This too would help to ease some of the financial strain of surviving a layoff.

Consider a Career Change or Start a Business

Did you ever think that this layoff could be a blessing in disguise? You may have considered it before. However, you never pursued it because you had a job and didn’t have the time. There are several businesses you can start online for very little money. Do some research and see what you come up with.

Out The Box

For years you worked and lived in a box molded by your career and income. Now that you are retrenched you can break free of that mold and kick down those walls.It sounds and feels strange, but the reality is that you are now free, free to make your own choices free to live your life without any boundaries. This is the time to be creative so put your thinking cap on and think beyond those walls and boundaries.The best would be to take a pen and paper and start writing down your thoughts, break it up into the past and future, each with positive and negatives. WOW crazy! The past has more negatives, and the future has more positives.


In conclusion to all the above one can safely say that you are retrenched, but that does not mean total meltdown. There are effective ways to overcome retrenchment and job loss, and you do have choices, but it all depends on how you will use and leverage your choices. Each person’s needs are different, and only you will know what your needs are and what the solution will be, but the approach to the solution is always the same. Surviving a layoff is not easy for some people that are out of work. However, if they have families, they have to do whatever it takes to bring money in the home.

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