5 Affordable Destinations Perfect for the Year-End Holidays

Family vacations are an essential part of family bonding. With busy schedules to maintain in day-to-day life, there is far too little time for families to spend together enjoying nothing but each other’s company. Vacations allow families to experience new things together. In tough economic times be it for family holidays or honeymoon, they are harder to afford now, it’s important to get the most out your family vacation budget.

There are endless opportunities and destinations for perfect for the Year-End Holidays in all different price ranges, but the most important thing is to choose an experience well-suited for the entire family. The following are some of the best family vacation destinations where entertainment, exploration and educational opportunities abound.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando makes the list of top family vacation destinations because it is centrally located in Florida and home to some of the best family attractions in the state. Boasting Walt Disney World, a long-standing family tradition, as well as Universal Studios which is now home to their newest attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and SeaWorld. All three of these major attractions are as family-friendly as it gets and plays host to some beloved family favorites.
Before departing, check out the number of deals available for week-long stays at Disney World resorts and other hotels nearest to each attraction. Multi-day passes and multi-park passes are available at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios that will enable you to make the most of your time and money.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey is a name known to most every kid, but Hershey is also a fun, family-friendly destination. Located near Harrisburg, Hershey is home to Hersheypark, an amusement park complete with thrill rides, kiddie rides, and water rides. It is also adjacent to ZooAmerica, an 11-acre zoo. Admission to the zoo is included with admission to Hersheypark. While in Hershey, families can also visit Hershey’s Chocolate World where kids can make their chocolate bar from scratch, using factory equipment and ingredients.
For families with kids under the age of 12, a visit to Dutch Wonderland may be in order. A miniature-sized amusement park atmosphere with amusement rides, water rides, miniature golf and other entertainment suitable for young children, Dutch Wonderland, is just the right pace for little ones.

Yellow Stone National Park

Families who prefer to avoid the commercialism and tourism of some of the more popular family destinations can enjoy the quiet of nature with a trip to Yellow Stone National Park. Naturally, visiting Old Faithful is a must-do, and Old Faithful the geyser will erupt every 90 minutes or so. Camping expeditions, park ranger tours, and educational programs are ideal for families with a love of nature and a desire to explore the great outdoors. Enjoy fishing, hiking, horseback riding and llama packing while you’re there. An unforgettable outdoor adventure, Yellow Stone National Park is an affordable vacation and best-suited for families with school-aged or older children.

Chicago, Illinois

Between the Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park Zoo, and the American Girl Store, virtually any family can find fun things to do in Chicago. There are numerous family-friendly attractions ranging from museums and amusement parks to shopping. Being situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, there’s plenty of water fun to be had as well. Chicago is a great family value as there’s there something for all ages and Lincoln Park Zoo is the only admission-free zoo you’ll find. There are many great travel deals and packages for Chicago so do a bit of research, and you’ll have a family vacation planned in no time.

All-Inclusive Family Vacations and Cruises

If you’re looking for the simplest way to plan a vacation and travel, then an all-inclusive family vacation to any one of these or other great family destinations, such as Washington D.C., New York City, or the Bahamas, may be your best bet. Also, keep in mind many of the kid-friendly themed cruises like Disney and Nickelodeon. When the itinerary for your trip is planned for you, it can make traveling with kids much easier, especially if there’s always something to do.

When planning a family vacation, especially with young children, be sure to request accommodations like cribs, strollers, and other necessities from your hotel before you book. Several great packages are available for families, especially those with young children and may include kids staying free, eating free, or free admission to nearby attractions. Whatever destination you choose, a family vacation will prove a rewarding and memorable experience for everyone.

The Importance of Money Saving – For your kids

The future is extremely unpredictable and it is difficult to ascertain the kind of situations that we would have to face in the coming days and years. That is why, it becomes extremely important and vital to invest and save money in a strategic and proper manner.Some of the reasons why Money saving, financial planning is important are as follows:

1. For Emergency Funds

In order to tackle emergencies in a proper manner, you need to have a substantial amount of money that you have saved over a period of time. These emergencies could include any number of things like building a new roof, unexpected medical expenses, sudden layoff leading to loss of steady income, etc.

2. For the Improvement in life expectancy

As medicines and public health facilities improve, the average life expectancy of an individual is all set to rise. This means that you would require more money in order to maintain the same quality and standard of life over the years.

3. For the Volatility of social security

Even if the government in your country provides social security, it cannot be considered as the main source of income. Social security, at best, can be a small part of your additional income and in no way should you depend on it entirely for your daily expenses. If at any time, social security plans are withdrawn, you will be left with no source of income and that can become a major hurdle in your financial independence.

4. For Kids Education and other expenses

The cost of both private and public education is increasing every single year. Not just that, many daily needs are also becoming more expensive. So in order to live a comfortable life, it is of utmost necessity that you save money at every stage possible.

Investment plans are one of the best ways that can help you save money in an easy and simple manner. Further, it becomes much easier to manage your investments when individuals are in the habit to save on a regular basis. It is, therefore, important to balance both your personal income and expenditure on a monthly basis before you can invest your money in a proper manner. Some steps, that you can follow to save money in a better manner, include:

Create a budget to track your expenses on a monthly basis

Creating a budget will help you identify your spending areas and in turn, regulate cash flow. When you track your expense against your budget in a proper manner, it will help you save money by ensuring that you do not spend on things that you do not need.

Hence, when your saving plans are in place, it will ensure that your investments are protected and safeguarded at all times. At all times, make sure that your extra money is invested in good investment plans so that you are able to reap rich dividends in the future. Good saving plans and investment plans are extremely important in this volatile and ever changing economic environment. In the end, saving and investing money is very important and will help you live a more comfortable life in the long run.