Even once you’ve narrowed down your choices to only licensed professional money lenders you can trust, you still might find that you have quite a few choices to pick from. Consider the following in order to determine which is right for your unique situation.

Customer Feedback

Nothing prepares you for the experience you’re likely to have with a given service provider quite like the experiences of the people who came before you. Make sure you read your share of consumer reviews before you decide on a given lender. Don’t be afraid to approach a rep from the actual agency and ask for references either. Make sure that you call each of the references you’re given.

Customer Satisfaction

Pay attention to whether or not the agency you’re considering seems to be dedicated to customer satisfaction. Do they offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee? What safeguards to they have in place to protect your interests in the service they offer? Is there a way you can easily get in touch with a customer service representative when and if you need to? The answers to all of these questions are vitally important.

Interest Rate and Hidden Fees

Lenders make money by charging interest on the money then lend. However, not everyone is going to charge as much as everyone else. Taking the time to do a little comparison shopping before you agree to a given set of terms can amount to a great deal of savings. Don’t forget to determine whether or not the lender charges any kind of processing fee or other charge to the cost of doing business with them.


Whether or not you plan on actually applying for your loan online, take a moment to visit the lender’s website and make sure everything’s as clear as it should be. Does the site clearly answer all of your questions in a way that makes sense to you? Is the presented information clear and concise? Is there a way for you to speak with a representative if you have any questions?

It’s always a good idea to speak with an agency rep to discuss your unique situation as well. This allows both you and the lender to determine whether or not the two of you are a good fit. Try making a list of questions and important concerns beforehand so you remember everything you wanted to bring up.

Applying for a loan can certainly represent a challenge if you’re new to doing so. However, it quickly becomes a simple process with a little careful research, consideration, and thought.